Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stefan's Day

For the fourth day of our house transformation we started our day with a little breakfast and we were off in the taxis to the house. Now, no one has shared about the excitement and adventure that we face each morning and evening to get too and from the house and our hotel. It is a total free for all. I am so bummed that I forgot my go-pro...
Road before the turn off for the house
A lot of things came together for us today and there is a lot of progress to show. All of the inner walls are now completely built and covered. We just need to sand and paint!

The bedrooms, living room, laundry room and outer office have been painted and look beautiful. You can't even tell there was a way between the living room and the new bedroom.

Done and Felix have been Rocking the outer wall and reinforcing it with rebar. Which was picked up earlier that day and transported via the photo below. There is also a wicked sharp surprise up on the top of those walls, a little deterrent of wall hoppers.

Sharpening the rebar

We got some of the electrical completed by running new wiring for the washing machine through the attic to the electrical panel and it works! I only got shocked twice so far.

We worked on running a new line for the well and water tower to get to the house underground and we put in some new options for water usage.

Plus...Pastor Luther joined us at the hotel this evening so we are all looking forward to the utter shock we expect to see in his face and the speachlessness that will accompany that!

We are sending love and thanking you for the prayers.

Today's post was written by the illustrious Stefan!

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