Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazed and Proud

Today, we finished our mission project and bid Au Revoir to Cameroon and our new friends. I leave here with great amazement and pride.

First, I want to echo the words in prior posts about how fantastic and fun our entire team has been. Each person has worked tirelessly without one single complaint. I would gladly do mission work with any of these wonderful people again.

What amazed me on the trip was:
  • What we accomplished! When we arrived the house was a bit dirty and neglected. In our nine days o work we transformed it into a safe and inviting Center for 20+ girls. I can't wait for the opening.
  • How nice and appreciative the people we met were.
  • How hard working our new Cameroon friends were. There were many, but special call outs for Sophie, Felix, Roland, and Gerard are well earned.
What gave me great pride was:
  • How hard our team worked, and how strong our team became. An outsider would think we've done mission work together for a long time.
  • How wonderful the new Center came out. The building is completely refurbished and the appliances, beds, and other amenities will make it very safe and homey for the girls.
  • What a wonderful woman Caroline has become with the support of our congregation. She is an excellent choice to establish and manage the Center (with our continued support).
  • And, on a personal note, I am very proud of my son Max. He did great work on this trip and it was an awesome adventure for he and I to do together. I will always cherish this trip and time together.

Bedroom 1 is the first room off the main entrance and common area. It holds three bunk beds and even has an en-suit bathroom.

Bedroom 2 was tricky to fit the two bunk beds but the team got them in and even made space for the storage cubbies.

Bedroom 3 also holds two bunk beds and is a bit more spacious for moving around.

Bedroom 4 was the newly constructed room. Which cozily holds three bunk beds and two storage units. Below is a bunk bed set up with some of the sheets we purchase. It looks fit for some princesses.

Storage room
Finished play set

The kitchen with beautiful appliances, above and right.


The hallway and back porch

Jake's son Max playing with the neighbourhood kids
Lastly, I want to thank everyone that supported us before and during the trip. The prayers and words of encouragement gave us great energy. And the strong financial support from our congregations and friends made the dream a reality.

Some of the best pictures from the trip!

Today's post comes from our main man Jake!

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