Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Including but not limited to

Yesterday, Pastor Sam invited our group to join him at a local bible study in the early evening. Putting this opportunity to attend the Lutheran (The Meziere family is Catholic, gasp) Bible study as a priority, we went into the day knowing that we would only have roughly 2/3 the time of our average work day. We took this opportunity to complete several of the unfinished tasks from the two prior days; including, but not limited to, laying the final bricks on the second wall, removing the closets from the bedrooms (in order to clear more space for the bunk beds), and painting the remaining bedrooms. 
Closet removal

Rachel painting

Mixing mortor
Wall inspection
Caroline on paint duty
Breaks are necessary

Stefan and Tim finishing the wall

While the majority of the group was focusing on wrapping up; Mike, Don, and Sophie took a trip to the lumber yard to purchase wood for future projects.

After completing our tasks (and lunch), the group switched focus to new projects; including, but not limited to: reinforcing the water tower (with the newly purchased wood), replacing sketchy dangling lights with new fixtures, and beginning the installation of plumbing and electrical for washing machine.

After a short, but successful work day, we drove to a local Lutheran church. We joined Pastor Sam's Wednesday Bible study. Pastor Sam lead us in a prayer for a safe and successful trip, read a passage from Acts, and answered questions regarding faith. 

Today's post comes to you from Abby and Tim.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Loving following along and getting to see the cutest mortar mixers ever :)