Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Max's Day

Another early morning in Cameroon today, up at 6:30 for breakfast buffet at the hotel, and then we quickly got in the cars on our way.

The yellow cars are taxis, which the common method of transportation
Most of the group went to the house, and a few people went to the store to gather some more supplies. After purchasing the needed supplies, including a door and electrical fixtures, we were all back at the house and work could really start. Today was mainly about constructing walls, again. Outside, we constructed the front wall to reach the height requirements.

Don and Felix (the current caretaker of the house)

Max, today's blogger, filling holes in the wall

The big difference occurred on the inside, where we almost put up one full wall, and smoothed out the one that was constructed yesterday, to prepare for painting.

Caroline's brother lent his plastering skills

Stefan and Mike beginning the other wall


The rooms for the girls that will be housed, were also painted today. We think they look fantastic!

Connie and Sophie painting the trim

We also saw a lot of progress in the community making connections with the local children with the help of a few soccer balls. We all worked super hard, and by the time we were leaving, everyone was exhausted.
Tim playing soccer with the locals
Abby and Caroline
Abby with some new friends
Mary with some of the children

Today was very fulfilling, not only in the progress we made, but the acceptance we saw throughout the community. While it wasn't fun to mix mortar non-stop all day, I felt good that I was working hard. Also playing soccer with the neighbourhood kids was a great way to take a short break. We got a lot done today and had a ton of fun. I hope we will be able to make such progress every day throughout this trip and make the house really amazing.

Today's blog post, if you haven't figured it out yet, comes to you from Max.

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